Lil Baby’s Iced-Out Chains Are So Bright They’ll Actually Make You Squint

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Atlanta rapper Lil Baby drips too hard. This hot summer weekend, the Georgia rap star went online with a look at his insane jewelry collection.

Lil Baby’s Iced-Out Chains

Baby went to Instagram with a video of himself rocking some major ice. He also paid homage to a couple of friends he vowed to represent every day of his life.

“This For Lil Dee An Lil Joc I Love You Guys , That’s Why I Got Tears Coming Down Both My Eyes , That’s Why I Rock 10cts Off In Both My Ears , An When I Pray At Night Dawg I Wish You Both Was Here #freedabros” – Lil Baby’s Instagram

Lil Baby’s iced-out chains will actually hurt your eyes.

High-Key Details

Hip-hop fans recently went full-fledged detective mode. Earlier this week, the Internet figured out just where the rap superstar traveled to after posting a video on his social media getting off a private jet and they’re convinced it has something to do with Kanye West. After Baby put up a clip on his Instagram Story of him getting off a jet, fans decided to do some research. People immediately made Baby and Kanye connections.

Lil Baby and Kanye West collaboration is coming?

Wait, There’s More

Reddit users found a jet was traveling from Atlanta, his hometown, to Wyoming, where rap legend Kanye West is currently located. From there, they tracked down the airport cameras and flight logs to reveal that Baby is probably in Cody, presumably to make music with ‘Ye.

Before You Go

Lil Baby has fans wondering if we’re going to get a much-needed Kanye West collaboration way sooner than expected. The hip-hop star went online last week to make sure Yeezy knows there’s no bad blood toward him. Heading into last Thursday, Baby went to his Twitter page to directly get at Yeezy. LB made sure to at Kanye’s handle and let him know no one alerted him about a potential collaboration happening.

“@kanyewest no disrespect nobody told me 🤷🏽‍♂️” -Lil Baby’s Twitter

Lil Baby clears the air and makes sure Yeezy knows a collaboration could happen.

“Nobody told me ye was trying to get me on a song 🧐 that’s f*cced up” -Lil Baby’s Twitter

Lil Baby addresses Kanye West’s tweet about not wanting to work together.

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Written by Chris Goossens

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