Atlanta rapper Lil Baby is speaking out on losing a close friend in late rap artist Lil Marlo. The Georgia native has come forward to remember their run together and how the streets ultimately cut LM’s life short.

Lil Baby x Lil Marlo

On Tuesday, Baby finally came forward to break his silence on Sunday’s murder. LB admitted the loss hit him extra hard and made him realize life isn’t guaranteed.

“Dam Thug !! You kno what come with this sh*t that’s why I battle myself with straddling the fence😢 !! It’s like don’t to much good come out this street sh*t few n*ggas get away but you don’t hear about them that often !! Streets a stepping stool to the next level !! I say that to say I’m f*cced up bout Yung ru but at the same time I’m so familiar with this sh*t I find myself numb!! Ain cried in like 8 yrs !! I thought I couldn’t no more … this one hit me hard 😢.. Marlo was a gangster an sometimes death comes with that I want all the people who look up to me or even admire what I’m doing to understand an kno what come with this “gangster sh*t “ if that’s how you living … sh*t hurts bad ..I just talked to you right before this sh*t happen I can’t never forget the times we had I just hate this sh*t went all bad .. luv ya 4eva thug !! #staydangerous” -Lil Baby’s Instagram

High-Key Details

Since Sunday morning, everyone from Atlanta natives Young Thug and Gunna to Memphis’ Blac Youngsta have remembered Marlo. They all took to their social media pages with salutes to his memory.

“Something gotta happen bout this one” -Young Thug’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Early Sunday morning, reports surfaced across social media about Marlo’s death. While details are scarce, speculation is his body was found unresponsive in Georgia.

Before You Go

The crushing news even sparked a reaction from fellow Atlanta native Lil Yachty. LY went to his Instagram page with a throwback pic hanging out with Marlo and revealing they had a song together.

“We just did a song a 4 this morning smh rip brother @lilmarlo_1 😔” -Lil Yachty’s Instagram