West Coast rapper Lil B appears to have no plans of backing down from his rift toward Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant and has popped up in a new NBA TV promotional clip to taunt him.

In the short spot, the “Based God” clearly warns KD of what’s to come in the near future.

“NBA, swag baby. KD, you can’t see me. Look at Lil B, baby, I’m coming,” B says in an NBA TV promo clip which is preceeded with the words, “HE’S COMING.” (NBA TV)

Recently, the Bay Area rapper said the Cash Money team was largely responsible for putting his “F*ck KD” track together.

When did you decide to write “F*ck KD?” How long did it take to write and produce? Who was a part of it? The song came naturally. It came easy to me. The song is produced by Cool and Dre. So, shout out to Cash Money and everyone over there- – Lil Wayne, Birdman and everybody. I just heard the beat and it came so natural. It was just something that was very easy for me. It was just so real. It was beautiful. (SB Nation)

Lil B also touched on where his feud with Durant initially stemmed from.

Your beef with Durant dates back to 2011. How did it start? He talked about me. Before everything, I loved Kevin, but he was never a factor to me and then he talked about me. I wasn’t thinking about him. I’m still shouting out the old school legends like John Stockton. I’m still in that era. (SB Nation)

Oklahoma City Thunder beat writer Darnell Mayberry dished out KD’s stance toward the Based God earlier this month.

“Durant refuses to acknowledge rapper Lil B publicly or give him added attention. Lil B has released several diss tracks about KD,” Mayberry tweeted March 11.

“Durant on Lil B: “I don’t know who that is. Who is that?…He needs some attention, I guess. Whoever that is, he needs some help.”” (Darnell Mayberry’s Twitter)

Check out Lil B’s NBA TV promo: