West Coast rapper Lil B recently talked about the explosion of hip-hop artists on social media. The self-proclaimed Based God took credit for influencing the Internet boom.

According to Lil B, he turned down TV and record label deals to put his all into social media.

“It’s straight from you. Lil B has changed the world, in that respect. Even though I’m on a lot of the TV in States right now, before that, I took my talents to the internet. I had the choice to do TV, do major labels, but I decided to do myself. I’m going to do my own thing.” (Dazed Digital)

The Bay Area rapper also talked about the importance of loving oneself.

” Love is music, love is what we’re doing now, love is a lot of things. A lot of things represent love. Being alive means love. I feel everything. I feel everything, so when you feel, you know you have emotions and everything. Music is a feeling. Music is energy, vibrations and sounds.” (Dazed Digital)

Earlier this year, rapper Meek Mill spoke on the ills of social media.

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In early January, rappers Jeezy and Waka Flocka spoke down on platforms like Snapchat.