West Coast rapper Lil B has reminded fans Houston Rockets star James Harden is still under his “Based God Curse.”

The Based God spoke out and sent a warning to other potential victims on social media this week.

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B shined light on his “Based God” curse victim following Harden’s Houston Rockets’ 112-92 home loss in October.

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Based God reacted to the Houston Rockets star taking a huge loss on his team’s opening season game this fall and took credit for his performance.

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A few days prior, Lil B took personal offense to a Harden Instagram post.

Re-enter Lil B … who tells us, “The Curse is officially back active. It’s disgusting … he’s still in denial … he will pay for the blatant disrespect and no honor to the originator. All he has to do is show love. Harden has gone too far this time.” (TMZ)