West Coast rapper Lil B is ready for the NBA season to start back up and already cast his wretched “Based God” curse back on Houston Rockets star James Harden.

Lil B’s curse comes from an Instagram post Harden put onto his Instagram page.

Re-enter Lil B … who tells us, “The Curse is officially back active. It’s disgusting … he’s still in denial … he will pay for the blatant disrespect and no honor to the originator. All he has to do is show love. Harden has gone too far this time.” (TMZ)

Check out the Instagram post James Harden put up on the next page…

Harden’s now-infamous Instagram post went viral yesterday (October 21).

7days until the cook is back to work! #HTown

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Lil B announced his curse’s removal from James Harden on social media back in June.

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Former Cash Money rapper Bow Wow taunted Harden after an alleged groupie released a picture of herself with him asleep in bed.

Bow Wow Screenshot

Harden previously spoke to paparazzi about being cursed by Lil B during the NBA playoffs.

“I don’t even know what happened,” Harden said when asked about Lil B. “I don’t even know, I mean, I don’t know who he is. [My off-season] just happened five days ago, so I’m just chilling. I’m happy to be back home. Yup.” (TMZ Sports)

Earlier this year, New York rapper A$AP Rocky talked about Lil B’s publicized “curse” on the Houston Rockets star.

“Yo, did you see him at the game? He went to the game the night [the Houston Rockets] lost and he started cooking! Do y’all got [the video?] I’m dead serious. [James] Harden and them lost. Pulled up to the game with a turquoise bucket and just started cooking. Based God. Based God.” (“Whoolywood Shuffle”)