West Coast rapper Lil B is keeping his “Based God Curse” alive and well by casting it onto Los Angeles Lakers superstar D’Angelo Russell this week.

The Based God shocked fans Thursday (June 9) when he name-dropped Russell as his latest victim.

The California rapper recently discussed the curse he allegedly cast on Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder, which will apparently transfer over to any team Durant goes to, while visiting ESPN’s “SportsNation” on Thursday. But the most surprising part of the segment came at the end when he decided to curse another NBA player: Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell. (The Washington Post)

Last month, Lil B revealed his interest in adding D’Angelo to his “Based God Curse” list.

On Instagram last month, Based God acknowledged the impact his mythical curse could have on victim Kevin Durant‘s free agency.

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The Bay Area rapper recently trolled Kevin Durant after the Golden State Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals.