West Coast rapper Lil B has the social media world buzzing this week after appearing on ESPN in a head-scratching outfit.

Social media lashed out at Based God for donning questionable earrings and a grandma-like top following his televised appearance.

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Based God announced he would no longer hold a “curse” over Houston Rockets star James Harden last weekend.

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Former Cash Money rapper Bow Wow recently taunted Harden after an alleged groupie released a picture of herself with him asleep in her bed.

Bow Wow Screenshot

Harden recently spoke to paparazzi about being cursed by Lil B during the NBA playoffs.

“I don’t even know what happened,” Harden said when asked about Lil B. “I don’t even know, I mean, I don’t know who he is. [My off-season] just happened five days ago, so I’m just chilling. I’m happy to be back home. Yup.” (TMZ Sports)

Recently, New York rapper A$AP Rocky talked about Lil B’s publicized “curse” on the Houston Rockets star.

“Yo, did you see him at the game? He went to the game the night [the Houston Rockets] lost and he started cooking! Do y’all got [the video?] I’m dead serious. [James] Harden and them lost. Pulled up to the game with a turquoise bucket and just started cooking. Based God. Based God.” (“Whoolywood Shuffle”)