West Coast rapper Lil B is alerted the entire sports world NBA superstar Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder have no chance at beating his Golden State Warriors in the playoffs.

B announced his “Based God Curse” would remain active on Durant during his team’s Western Conference NBA Finals Monday (May 16).

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Recently, Lil B spoke out on his curse remaining on Durant and former Oklahoma City Thunder star James Harden.

“You already know, we’re watching the game right now so we’re seeing how we play,” Based God said in a video. “The curse is active. They aren’t going anywhere. Harden? He’s out the playoffs. You’ll see Harden next year though. The curse is active, you know. We’ll see what’s good. First, Harden’s gotta acknowledge he got his dance celebration from me and Kevin Durant has to play me in a game of one-on-one which you agreed to play me in and then you catted off and disappeared and said you can’t play. I don’t know.”

Last summer, Lil B talked about “Based God” victim James Harden not knowing his existence.

“I’m extremely disappointed in James Harden. It’s a blatant lie. I don’t know what’s going to happen next.I’m just extremely worried about Harden,” Lil B said in an interview. “We need answers from Lebron, I wonder if Lebron is a liar too – Does he know about lil B? I wonder if he’ll lie.” (TMZ Sports)

Previously approached by a paparazzo, Harden denied having any knowledge of Lil B or his curse.

“I don’t even know what happened,” Harden said when asked about Lil B. “I don’t even know, I mean, I don’t know who he is. [My off-season] just happened five days ago, so I’m just chilling. I’m happy to be back home. Yup.” (TMZ Sports)