West Coast rapper Lil B recently talked about making headlines in the past for donning women’s clothing and explained why there is no shame in rocking female accessories.

Rather than come up with excuses, Based God spoke up on his fashion decisions.

“I think it’s just about being yourself and embracing what connects to you. Also, embracing what connects to you and appreciating you. I think life is a constant growing and so many new things. Every day is new. Me coming here on the first day, coming here to Helsinki, meeting the people, seeing the love. You grow everyday and that links back to fashion. You grow.” (Dazed Digital)

Lil B also talked about having feminist views and supporting the gay rights movement.

“I definitely see myself as as much a feminist as I can try to be. I know I’m not perfect, but I definitely feel the connection with women. I feel them,” B said. “My perspective is that I love the movement. I love LGBT, I love gays, I love people, so I just did that because I wanted listeners to know that it’s important. I support people and I support that, so I wanted to put my Based stamp on that. I support them.” (Dazed Digital)

Last year, Lil B appeared on ESPN with women’s gear and accessories.

Earlier today, Lil B appeared on ESPN’s Sportsnation to play a game of “Cursed or Not Cursed.” In the segment, the rapper clears up which NBA players have been released of his curses and which ones still remain victims. Surprisingly, more interesting than his discussion about magic was his wardrobe choice. (Complex)


Female rapper Shawnna previously spoke out on B’s wardrobe decision.