Rap veteran Nas is keeping up with the times and one-time rap rival Jay-Z by launching his own lifestyle-oriented website 12Society with help from fellow actor/rapper Nick Cannon.

With the new online venture, Nas claims users will get an up-close look at his personal lifestyle preferences.

“To me the 12 Society thing is just people like myself and other people that are involved connecting with the people, giving them some insight on our lifestyle and making the people a part of it,” Nas told MTV News on Tuesday. For Nas, the 12 Society experience is an extension of his music. On 1996’s “Street Dreams,” the Nasty one rapped about his David Robinson Nike sneakers, Guess jeans and Clarks Wallabee moccasins; it was like a lyrical fashion tutorial. It’s a style that Nas still employs. On “The Don,” he name-drops high-end brands like Roberto Cavalli as well as his favorite rugged army-green jacket, which he rhymed about on his classic 1994 single “It Ain’t Hard to Tell.” “It comes from music, it comes from me talking about certain kicks and sneakers I might like,” he said. “With 12 Society you don’t have to just listen to me talk about a certain shirt, you’ll get that. You’ll get that delivered to you.” (MTV)

For $39 a month, subscribers receive a package worth at least $125 in hand-picked items by Nas, Cannon and other celebrities.

12Society, a monthly subscription service that delivers toiletries to men, just announced a slew of celebrity cofounders. Nick Cannon, Nas, former New York Giant Michael Strahan, Timberwolves’ star Kevin Love, NBA Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin, and Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants joined the team, TechCrunch reports. 12Society ships products for $39 per month and the startup has been in stealth mode since March. All of the products are hand-picked by the celebrity “style board” and may include apparel, tech, or athletic gear. The cofounders will also blog about what “propels, inspires and engages them.” (Business Insider)

Last year, rap mogul Jay-Z opened up on launching his Life + Times lifestyle website.

“I started working on it in its various incarnations over a year ago,” Hov revealed. “I’ve thought about it forever. You know how it works, seeing other sites and being either inspired or saying, ‘That’s sh*t. I would do it like …’ [How do we post content?] Well there is a basic metric for what we cover but, more importantly, I believe it’s how we cover it. The DNA is to basically let the subject speak for itself. We don’t want to tell you what to think. As far as how personal? I would say it has to pique my interest…I think it’s every human’s job to inspire others, to feed one another’s senses. Inspiration begets inspiration times infinity. Imagine if the person that was inspired to create the phonograph didn’t share it with the world.” (GOOP)

More recently, Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne announced his own upcoming lifestyle website called BreadOverBed.

Scoob is a veteran DJ who has grown as an accomplished video director, directing clips like Weezy’s “Steady Mobbin’ ” and “I’m Single as well as DVDs about the Cash Money star. Launching the site adds yet another bullet point to his ever-growing résumé. “This Bread Over Bed thing is more like a lifestyle, it’s more like a way of life,” he explained of the overall concept. The video site will feature exclusive footage with the Young Money boss in his working environment. Viewers will be able to see all the sacrifice that comes hand-in-hand with Weezy’s success. (MTV)

Check out some recent Nas footage below: