[With Hollywood star Liam Neeson’s new “Run All Night” movie in theaters today (March 13), SOHH and select media outlets sat down with director Jaume Collet-Serra and found out his approach to capturing Gotham’s setting in a unique way.]

Large camera pans, it’s a visual effect. The script was great and the characters were all fleshed out and so was New York. In the script, there were a lot of little montages and the first thing, as a director, you see is, ‘That’s not going to make it. C’mon.’ Because the story takes over and the city gets lost and the [pan outs] weren’t even scheduled to be shot.

But then as we were filming the movie, we realized we needed to see more of New York and get more across than what was going on in one night. It was really important. It wasn’t in the script so I started thinking of the ways we could do that, to complement what we have seen before in New York and also what’s in the movie which is normal cuts.

It’s like the look in a comic book where it says, ‘In the meantime on the other side of the city…’ so I wanted to connect both places to get a sense of geography and to pull away and so we contacted a company in France, which does a lot of city shots, and they helped us bring this to life.

It was not easy. Trying to be classic and modern is my thing. I like to try to tell a classic story in a very modern way.

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