[With their new “Run All Night” movie finally in theaters, Hollywood stars Liam Neeson and Ed Harris talk to SOHH about facing-off against each other in the must-see thrill ride.]

Liam [Neeson] has had such great success with the “Taken” films and “Tombstone” and I really haven’t done those types of movies so much so when I read [the script], one of the things that attracted me was the fact I got the chance to work with this man and sit down and these two guys have a relationship and deal with something, obviously, and the relationship changes drastically throughout the course of the film.

That was something exciting to me. –Ed Harris

I think there is a mythic quality to it. You see these relationships and the script, I’ve seen the film once and I love what Ed and I are doing, I love that chemistry we have in the characters and I think once that’s strong, and audiences believe in it, then you can take the action anywhere.

It’s not about just tacking on for padding. It’s all connected and there’s so much at stake. I killed his son and he’s coming after my son. Once you give the audience that rooted emotional heart, the world’s your oyster after that as long as you’re not too silly. More often than not, there’s a lot of action films and they tend to forget that and insult audiences I think. They forget the talking scenes and get to the car chase.

They’re missing on it big time. –Liam Neeson