Do you need something new to watch? Bored with what’s on TV? Need a reason to join the binge-worthy movement?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy FX’s “Legion” season one on both Blu-ray and DVD right now!

Reason 1: Binge-Worthy Awesomeness

The first reason you should buy “Legion” season one on Blu-ray is because it’s just full-fledged awesomeness in the form of science fiction and psychological thrillers. From the very first episode until the final moments of episode eight, you’ll be instantly sucked into the mind-boggling (in a good way) storylines, surprise twists and overall excitement which comes from the powerful forces of FX and Marvel Studios. More than ever we’re living in times where the idea is to just take a past show or movie and reboot it but “Legion” stands by itself as an amazing original series destined for a long run.

[The Rotten Tomatoes numbers just don’t lie…]

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