[After making a name for himself with the now-epic And 1 mixtape film series and various award-winning projects, filmmaker Gee-Lock talks to SOHH about landing a dream opportunity to unite his 51 Designz brand and audio tech giant Monster Products.]

We used to do this TV series and DVD series called the And 1 mixtape. It was a tour and very big.

That goes back at least 12 years.

I used to work with one of the guys who now works at Monster and that’s when the relationship really started building a long, long time ago.

So when I was told about this opportunity to work on a Monster project with [Brooklyn Nets star] Sean Kilpatrick, that’s one of their spokespersons, I was instantly like, “Oh wait, the dude from Yonkers? Oh yeah! I’m down!”

We had so much fun on the set [of the Monster commercial]. It was basically us just spending the day with him while he’s working out and showing us how he uses the Monster products in his everyday life going to the gym, shooting around, working out, hanging out with his boys, going to a place where he likes hanging out.

That’s basically how the relationship started and that’s how I fell in love with Monster.

It’s really a family-based situation. I’ve met everyone over at Monster. These people are really genuine. When you walk into a room and see people having fun at what they’re doing? It’s real good energy, creative people and they allow you the freedom to create.

You can tell just by being in the room with them, it’s very family-oriented and you feel good promoting it.

It’s just a good energy with Monster. That allows you to create your best product. We just let it flow.

We had these big storyboards and treatments but once we got on set, it was like, “Y’all get the cameras rolling, Sean, you go do your thing.” We were basically hanging out, taking pictures and shooting, recording magic.

There was energy and that family-oriented vibe. We just captured it on camera, slapped a beat on it and took it from there.

I definitely see big things coming from Monster and 51 Designz. We love being creative. We love capturing the magic that’s there and editing it up and giving it to the people.

We come from a documentary background and we know how to display things in a cool manner. So the more time we spend with Monster, the more magic we’re going to create. We just hope the people connect with it.

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