Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James isn’t here for conservative Fox News personality Laura Ingraham. King James has responded to the ultimate insults and racist undertones shot his way during a live broadcast.

Bron-Bron went to Twitter last night (February 16) and referenced her now-infamous “shut up and dribble” remarks.

Instead of staying mum, Ingraham hopped on her personal account and welcomed Bron to address the situation on her show.

LeBron’s former teammate Dwyane Wade has referenced Ingraham’s offensive comments.

In her TV segment, Laura took personal offense to LeBron making a political statement about President Donald Trump.

Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant has since shared his thoughts on the situation and called it racist.

While Ingraham would later put out a statement claiming there was “no racial intent” behind her words, Durant simply doesn’t agree. “To me, it was racist,” he told USA TODAY Sports while shaking his head. (USA Today)