Los Angles Lakers star LeBron James and Jim Jones aren’t having it. The high-profile entertainers have come forward to shed more than just emotions following growing coverage of teen police brutality victim Lucca.

Over the past 48 hours, James and Jones – both fathers of teen boys – relied on their social media pages to speak out in support of #JusticeForLucca.

The Lucca assault went down last week and immediately sparked a social media movement.

A Florida police deputy has been placed on restricted duty after cellphone video footage surfaced of two white officers slamming the head of a pepper-sprayed black teenager against the ground while placing him under arrest on Thursday. Thousands of people shared videos of the incident on Twitter and Facebook over the weekend, tagging them “#justiceforlucca,” and demanding that the officers be fired or prosecuted. (Buzz Feed News)

Social media shared the disturbing footage and noted how Lucca suffered horrific injuries without breaking any laws.