Miami Heat champion LeBron James‘ ex-Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Delonte West has finally stepped forward to address rumors about allegedly having a romantic relationship with the NBA star’s mother.

According to West, he viewed Gloria James as more of a mother-figure rather than love interest.

West says Gloria James reminded him of his single mother, Delphina Addison, who raised Delonte and his siblings to be “happy-poor, just enjoy life and the blessings that God has given us. “If we want to continue to grow as a human race, what are we teaching our kids if we try to make humor and fun out of stuff like that?” West says of the rumor. “Number one, something like that never happened. I don’t know where they got that from. For a strong black woman like that, for people to try to tear her down, that’s terrible. That’s terrible in so many ways.” (The Dallas Morning News)

Despite his description, Gloria James got busted for a Miami scuffle.

The attorney for the valet who is suing LeBron James’ mom tells TMZ … during the confrontation, Gloria James allegedly told the valet, “You don’t know who I am, you f**king n**ger. Tomorrow, you won’t havea job” Angela L. Cohn, the attorney for valet Rockfeller Sorel, tells us, Gloria James spewed the hateful remark just as the confrontation became physical. Gloria was arrested after the incident, and TMZ just broke the story that the valet is suing her for assault and battery. As for our earlier story showing video of the confrontation, Cohn says any intimation that the valet was the aggressor is untrue. (TMZ)

A few years ago, West got accused of sleeping with LeBron’s mom.

We all witnessed LeBron James’ epic collapse in the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals. We watched as he shot a combined .340 from the field in the final three games. We scratched our heads as he moved indifferently around the court at half-speed during the most critical moments of the season. It was only later that Delonte West’s rumored affair with Gloria James (LeBron’s mom) seemed to explain LeBron’s statistical deterioration. As LeBron fell, so did the Cavaliers; the degeneration of team chemistry was equally anomalous and surprising. (Bleacher Report)

Outside of basketball, Delonte put in time recording new music over the summer.

Delonte West has been quiet this summer. There have been no major headlines, no real Twitter activity and no tell-all stories. So what has West, who re-signed with the Dallas Mavericks for the upcoming season, been up to? He’s been working out at home in DC…and making lots and lots of music. West, who showed off his musical chops last summer under the rap alias Charlee Redz, is preparing to release a full-length mixtape entitled Cadillac Music: Come Ride Wit Me. The culmination of a lot of hard work and late nights in his basement studio, Cadillac Music is set to include 20+ songs, including features from DC rapper KayeM, award-winning songwriter Lundon Knighten and West’s uncle, Uncle Rudy. Earlier today, West exclusively sent SLAM four (NSFW) tracks off the tape to debut. (SLAM Online)