The Cleveland Cavaliers are riding for Nas. The 2016 NBA champions pulled through for Nasir Jones by trolling Los Angeles Lakers star Lonzo Ball last night (December 14) ahead of tip-off.

Footage has surfaced of Nas’ music playing during the teams’ warm-ups.

Earlier this year, Lonzo sparked attention after calling out Nas’ relevance.

It started a couple months ago when Ball said, “nobody listens to Nas anymore.” Look, he’s right — it’s not like “Illmatic” or “Life Is Good” is banging with the youths right now. But at the same time, we can acknowledge that Nas is a hip-hop legend and probably deserves more respect than Ball gave him right there, even if he’s only a 20-year-old kid. (SB Nation)


Earlier this week, both Nas and fellow rap veteran Pete Rock trolled Lonzo after his Lakers fell short to their hometown Knicks.

Great Win Knicks!

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How you like dat L alonzo? 😂😂😂 KNICKS! 💪🏾 #illmatic4ever

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Straight like dat

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Before the game went down, G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks tossed up a since-deleted Twitter post getting at Lonzo for trolling Nas.

Banks spent that night lighting up Twitter with some hilarious Knicks/Lakers commentary.