Cleveland Cavaliers leader LeBron James knows how to have some fun with the squad. The NBA champion has shared some epic footage of his outing with his teammates at a skate party.

Bron-Bron went to Instagram last night (March 4) to share priceless skating moments with J.R. Smith and Jeff Green with the popular “Wakanda Forever” hashtag.

Last night, King James threw shade at Fox News host Laura Ingraham following retired Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant‘s epic Oscars win.

Even Bryant took direct aim at Ingraham during his acceptance speech.

The five-time NBA champion won the Oscar for Dear Basketball, a short film he made with Glen Keane Productions based on his Players Tribune letter of retirement. Taking the stage with Keane, Kobe remarked that “as basketball players, we’re really supposed to shut up and dribble.” “I’m glad we do a bit more than that,” he added, before offering his thanks for those who worked on the film. (Mediate)

Recently, San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich came to LeBron’s defense amid disrespect thrown his way from Ingraham.

“It was an unbelievable show of arrogance for a talking head to try to tell someone else if they can speak, what they can speak about, when and where to do it. It’s just ludicrous. To not have a feel for who this guy is and think about when he came into the public view and how young was and to this day, he hasn’t missed a step, he hasn’t fallen off the ledge, he’s been a brilliant example for millions of kids. Especially kids with lesser opportunities who haven’t had the same advantages of others. They see in this guy somebody who has consistently exhibited excellence in the workplace and gives them a voice. Let’s them know you can speak anything. It really is a first amendment.”