Grammy-winning singer Lauryn Hill reportedly turned down an opportunity to sit face-to-face with television mogul Oprah Winfrey, according to the media icon herself.

According to Winfrey, she previously tried to get a hold of the elusive soulful singer but received the cold shoulder.

Oprah has interviewed everyone from Michael Jackson to President Obama, but there’s one celebrity who has evaded her. According to the media mogul, Lauryn Hill turned down an offer to sit down with her. Following her revealing interview with Rihanna for “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” one of O’s Twitter followers asked her to get Lauryn Hill on her show, but the elusive superstar was not interested. “Tried. She said no,” tweeted Oprah. Another star who’s not quite ready to have a heart-to-heart with Oprah is Beyoncé. While the private singer appeared on her daytime talk show several times, she has been reluctant to say yes to an in-depth interview. “See if you can convince Beyonce, I haven’t had luck yet,” Oprah told one fan. (Rap-Up)

Last month, the Fugees’ Wyclef Jean talked about Hill’s current legal tax woes.

“Actually, you know, I ain’t speak to Lauryn. It’s been a minute. I heard about the little drama she got in the news, wishing her better on that. You know? Actually, I was on the phone with Pras earlier. It’s all good. Nothing but love for the Fugees.” (Montreality)

In June, Fugees member Pras spoke on Hill’s $1.8 million tax debt case.

“I’m bugging! I can’t believe it! I’m sitting here on a plane to L.A. listening to Phil Collins and Philip Bailey “Easy Lover” on my iPod. But I don’t believe she’ll go to jail, but d*mn bail is 150K?! Zimmerman was about the same. Go figure! … This is crazy!! [sic]” (Global Grind)

According to reports, she could also get hit with $75,000 in fines in addition to having to pay nearly $2 million in tax debt.

Hill’s attorney Nathan Hockman said the star had been targeted by the federal government because of her celebrity status. “There are many people in society who fail to file their taxes on time who only face civil liability,” Hockman said. “They chose Ms. Hill in particular because of who she was.” Hill spoke little at her hearing today and stood attentively with her arms crossed in front of her chest when the judge first addressed her. She appeared in a white button-down shirt, blue blazer and long coral skirt. (Star-Ledger)