Hollywood actress Lauren London is keeping Nipsey Hussle‘s legacy alive. The high-profile entertainer has delivered a warm message to her late hip-hop boyfriend.

LL went to Instagram Monday with a reminder to friends and family she will always love Hussle.

A few weeks ago, London shared a caption-less moment showing Hussle in pure gentleman mode holding an umbrella above her.

The same week, Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James shared an uplifting message to the late hip-hop legend.

Inspired by Nipsey’s good nature and positive approach to life, West Coast rapper Game recently encouraged fans to find the tools necessary to be successful in life.

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#MarathonMonday I want all who read this to take 5-10 minutes of our your day & give love back to yourself. You do know that no one loves you more than you do, other than God. You’re not as important to anyone on this earth as you are to yourself. Maybe your parents, if you were lucky enough to have good ones. Some people don’t, which brings me back to the point of my message to you today. #SelfLove is the key. Everything starts with you. From the moment you wake, til the point you close your eyes at night. Understand every new day, the process of loving yourself must repeat….. Just as your God gives you the gift to live another day, you have to give yourself the gift of acknowledging & appreciating just how amazing you truly are. Take a look in the mirror today.. & I mean a REAL GOOD LOOK. That’s you. You’re a beautiful being. You deserve everything you desire and more. This world has the tools you need to be successful in life & success is not measured by monetary gain. It is measured by the way you feel about what you’ve accomplished after each day. With that being said, take your time today & pay attention to all areas YOU. Make yourself happy today & DM me tomorrow & let me know how it turned out. Love will always be LOVE ❤️ #TheMarathonContinued #LongLiveHussle [candles gifted to me by the amazing @empressivecandlesbygi] & there’s a ray of light shining on the candle with Nip solo 🙏🏾 #LookAtGod

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