Hollywood star Lauren London, Mustard, Dom Kennedy, YG and more celebs rushed to see Nipsey Hussle last Sunday after his fatal shooting. New details have emerged on the split-second support he received from family and friends.

According to reports, Hussle’s closest people went to the Los Angeles hospital and didn’t initially accept his death.

Sources close to the slain rapper tell TMZ … Nipsey’s fam and closest pals in the music biz rushed to the hospital Sunday afternoon after learning he had just been gunned down outside his clothing store. Lauren London, YG, DJ Mustard, Dom Kennedy, Karen Civil, twins Malika and Khadijah, and his bodyguard, J-Roc, were there, alongside his brother, Sam, and other family members. It took a long time for the shocking turn of events to hit home … we’re told everyone who rushed to see Nipsey waited around the hospital for hours after they were told he was dead. As you can imagine, no one wanted to believe their lover, brother, relative or friend was gone forever. (TMZ)

Yesterday, YG returned to IG to break his silence on Nipsey.

A couple nights ago, Lauren London returned to Instagram to speak on Nipsey’s death.

Recently, Lauren and Nipsey appeared in a video centered on how much they knew each other.

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