West Coast rap rookie Kendrick Lamar‘s name appears to ring bells outside of the general hip-hop audience as platinum-selling pop star Lady Gaga has co-signed Dr. Dre‘s protégé.

Revealing a brief chat she had with her fellow Interscope Records labelmate, Gaga let her 26.6 million Twitter followers know she digs Lamar’s music.

“@kendricklamar What a sweetie calling me this morning to see how I’m doin. See you soon. love from across the pond. #Rigamortis,” she tweeted July 4th.

“I hope so. he and his lyrics are the shit. RT @MixedHippy @kendricklamar @ladygaga are all of your fans gonna jump on him” (Lady Gaga’s Twitter)

Lamar is staying busy music-making these days and is reportedly working alongside Roc Nation rapper J. Cole on a joint project.

“Kendrick, that’s definitely gonna happen. I don’t have a timeline but you know if he lands here at 12:00 tonight, we get in for two days, he’ll fly out, we’ll do that again when we can,” Cole said in an interview with DJ Drama. “He’s working on his album. First we gotta make the music,” said J. Cole. “I would shoot for an album. If we put it out for free then I guess that’s just the day and age we live in, but I’m not making it like a mixtape.” (Drama Like The DJ)

Recently, Cole and Lamar heated up the Internet by dropping some in-studio shots of themselves.

“Sh*t just got real, Got my n*gga K. Dot in the Ville as I type this” – J. Cole With the news that their long awaited joint album is currently in creation, Roc Nation’s very own J.Cole and Black Hippy/TDE representative Kendrick Lamar tease us with a look at their recording session. Having already worked together on ‘HiiiPoWeR,’ J.Cole’s production for Lamar and both featuring on Trae Tha Truth’s ‘I’m On 2.0’, only magic can come from the joint album. (Soul Culture UK)

The photos came a few days after Lamar finally confirmed the joint album plans and revealed how he aimed to link up with Cole.

“And is there any truth, J. Cole had did an interview recently and said y’all two might be collaborating on a full project. Is that going to happen,” Terrence J asked Lamar. “Right, I’m flying out tonight. Love that,” Lamar responded. “Stop back by when y’all bring that to us,” Terrence added. “Bet that,” Lamar said. (“106 & Park”)

Check out some recent Kendrick Lamar footage below: