Music executive L.A. Reid recently gave his opinion on hip-hop superstar Future and explained why the platinum-selling musician is not your average rapper.

In Reid’s perspective, Future is much more than a standard hip-hop artist.

“I think I might have said that you need a lyric sheet. But it’s a feeling. That’s soul music, what Future is doing. That’s soul music. It’s a different version of it but that’s soul music. That’s not traditional rap. Right? And that’s what you’re saying? But then that would be judging him by a bar. You have to judge artists by who they are.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

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This week, Future announced a new deal with tech giant Apple Music.

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Miami producer DJ Khaled released a few promotional clips alongside Future on his Instagram page late Tuesday (February 2) night about new music arriving.

Khaled broke initial big news to fans on Instagram earlier this week.

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