Reality TV star Kylie Jenner going in on Snapchat might have actually helped Facebook stack up a few billions. New reports claim the popular social media giant’s market value increased after Kylie kinda, sorta trashed SC in a Twitter post.

According to reports, Facebook’s value has skyrocketed ever since Kylie questioned if Snapchat is still worth using in 2018.

This is music to the ears of Snapchat’s rival … Facebook. The social media giant, of course, owns Instagram. Snap and the ‘Gram have been dueling for a few years now, but SC’s best feature — posting “stories” — finally made its way to IG, which has since gotten the upper hand.

The biggest tell … Facebook’s bottom line in market value:

Feb. 21 – $516.83B
Feb. 22 – $519.97B
Feb. 23 – $532.86B

Kylie might not have intended for any of this to happen … but such is her influence. (TMZ)

A few days ago, Jenner made jaws drop after delivering a hefty Snapchat blow.

According to a new report, Jenner’s Twitter jab might have really dug deep into Snapchat’s shares.

And less than 24 hours after that tweet, Snapchat’s shares tanked by as much as 7.2% … equaling a whopping $1.3 BILLION loss. No one can say for sure that her tweet caused the domino effect … but Kylie does have a massive influence (she has a combined 128.5M followers on Twitter and Instagram) on Snapchat’s coveted demographic — 18 to 34 year olds. But analysts point to Snapchat’s recent app redesign for SC’s decline in active users, who HATE the redesign and forced SC to rethink things. (TMZ)

Earlier this month, Kylie shocked the Internet by sharing a pic of her new baby and revealing the mystery girl’s name.

stormi webster 👼🏽

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