[With Eminem’s “Detroit Vs. Everybody” still a certified a banger weeks after its release, D12’s Kuniva weighs in on his group leader’s smash for SOHH readers.]

My reaction to “Detroit Vs. Everybody” was I liked that track. Of course everybody may not have liked it because they felt they should have been on it. That’s just the way it is.

That’s how Shady and them put it together. Personally, my favorite verse on there is Big Sean‘s. Big Sean killed that sh*t. He was really just flowing. I didn’t know he could just go in like that.

The song made a hell of a statement. I’ve heard a few remixes to it and it’s Detroit cats going in. It’s their chance to say, “Hey, I should have been on that.”

I can’t even hate on it, it’s motivation for Detroit artists. It’s making people want to step their game up.

Much love to all of the Detroit cats that are really doing it.

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