[Strange Music’s resident “genius,” Krizz Kaliko, recently sat down with hip-hop personality and SOHH correspondent Shawn Setaro on his popular “The Cipher” podcast. Listen to the full interview and check out five gems Krizz dropped during the Q&A.]

On how he got good at writing hooks quickly:

“I always had a quick wit, so I used that same skill set in music. It was kind of out of desperation, because I really wanted to be down with Strange Music.”

On Robin Williams:

“When he committed suicide, I got scared about myself. His jokes were so random, and it seemed like his brain was so all over the place. I always wondered if he went through stuff, as I got older and I started experiencing things.”

On Michael Jackson – who, like Krizz, suffered from vitiligo:

“I’ve always felt a crazy connection to Michael Jackson my whole life. I’ve always identified with him for some reason. And then when he came out and he said he had vitiligo, I’m like, wow.”

On when his attempt to keep Tech N9ne sober backfired:

“I can remember somebody gave him a dipstick, where they dip the cigarette in formaldehyde. I snatched it out of his hand, not knowing that that would soak through your skin, and I ended up being high. I’m really sensitive to drugs, and I ended up being high from crushing that up in my hand.”

On why he does what he does:

“I’ve said I was quitting a million times, but this is what I am. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be sacrificing having time with my kids. I wouldn’t do that. I would just go and work a regular job. But I can’t, because I’m this.”