Florida rapper Kodak Black is letting fans know he’s still focused on his music grind. The jailed hip-hop entertainer has shared some lyrics from behind bars.

Big Facts: This week, KB hit up his social media pages to show followers he has rap bars on his mind.

High-Key Details: KB recently went online and delivered a handful of posts hinting at his living condition in prison.

Wait, There’s More: According to recent reports, a lawyer stepped up to get involved in the living status of Black behind bars.

The mother of Kodak Black has lawyered up. On Wednesday, Marlene Simmons conducted a news conference alongside famed attorney Benjamin Crump, the lawyer who represented Trayvon Martin’s family in their case against murderer George Zimmerman. Simmons told reporters she had become increasingly concerned about Kodak’s safety, as he claims to have endured continuous abuse while behind bars. (Complex)

Before You Go: Recently, Black’s social media pages shared a disturbing message about his life in prison.