Florida rapper Kodak Black is looking out for the Sunshine State. The hip-hop star has confirmed reports about him donating books to local kids.

Big Facts

On Thursday, Black went online to share a headline breaking the news. He also highlighted some positive words about his major contribution.

“Even when he knows it wont help his situation, he still gives not because of an ulterior motive, but because that’s what he does. How many rappers that have been locked up help out from the box? @kodakblack #kodakblack #giveback #helpthecommunity”

High-Key Details

According to reports, Kodak is going to hook up over 600 children from his Broward County hometown with reading materials. His intent is to ultimately help get kids through the state’s temporary forced homeschooling.

The incarcerated rapper’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, tells TMZ … Kodak’s sending out 625 reading comprehension books to 625 school kids in Broward Country, FL to help offset the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Along with those books, he’s also planning to include supplies and notebooks for the students with a goal of helping kids in grades 1 through 5 meet state standards in reading … despite their new educational challenges.

Wait, There’s More

This week, KB went to his Instagram account with some digital smoke. In addition to clowning his peers missing out on making money with concerts and shows, he said he wanted the current coronavirus crisis to last until he’s released from prison.

“I ain’t missing out on nothing right no . You rap n****s can’t make no money right now. This corona s**t need to last until I get out.”

Before You Go

Kodak Black also shared new flicks posted up with some friends behind bars. In the pics, he’s donning his signature hairstyle. He’s also show in the shots throwing up various hand gestures and signs.