Florida rapper Kodak Black has a lot of explaining to do. A new clip has gone viral showing the rap newcomer taking a direct shot at hip-hop veteran Lil Wayne.

In the jaw-dropping footage, KB name-drops Weezy F. Baby and tells him to open wide.


A few weeks ago, Black stripped Wayne’s “Best Rapper Alive” title.


Late last month, Black made headlines after accidentally putting nude footage of himself onto social media.

Everyone is taking advantage of this new Instagram live feature on instagram. Well, rapper Kodak Black known for his hit record “Like Dat” who was released from jail a few weeks ago took advantage of it today and it backfired. While the rapper was on IG live in the shower he accidentally dropped his phone and you can clearly see his privates. (Blogionista)


Kodak had almost immediately reacted to the nude pic going viral and poked fun at himself.