Florida rapper Kodak Black is keeping his head high despite spending time behind bars. The hip-hop newcomer has once again updated fans on his condition in jail.

Black went to Twitter last night (March 10) to speak on his whereabouts.

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This week, Black went to Twitter and announced what good deeds he’s been up to since getting locked up.

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Recent reports revealed Black had already lost $200,000 since getting put behind bars.

Kodak Black’s watching stacks of cash disappear while he’s stuck in jail — every canceled show is a $50k hit to his wallet. The rapper’s been forced to postpone or cancel 4 concerts since getting locked up Tuesday for violating house arrest, and there will be 2 more before he gets his day in court. (TMZ)

Last week, Kodak’s legal muscle stepped up and addressed his legal crunch.

They say that he was allowed to be at the boxing match and that the strip club incident was a misunderstanding. They also say they’ll address the anger management allegations in court. The lawyers said that because the allegations against Octave constitute “technical violations” instead of the commission of a new crime, they don’t expect that he will remain behind bars for much longer. (Sun-Sentinel)