Florida rapper Kodak Black won’t let his jail crunch keep him from shining. The Southern rap star has blessed fans on Christmas Day with his new “Harriet Tubman” single.

Early Wednesday, KB came through with his must-hear new, surprise single.

Black uses the thought-provoking song to share similarities between himself and the iconic runaway slave Harriet Tubman.

In naming the track after the famous African-American abolitionist and one-time runaway slave, Harriet Tubman, it seems that the Florida artiste is making a conscious effort to identify with the courageous political activist, who was revered as a revolutionary figure for freedom and tenacity during the American Civil War. Looking at the lyrics, it’s also presumably an effort to move past and transcend his own chequered legal history, given Tubman’s personal well-documented struggles with the law. (Meaww)

Earlier this month, a message went up on Kodak’s Instagram page detailing horrific physical abuse he received in jail.

According to reports, Black is determined to have his recent 46-month prison sentence reexamined.

On Wednesday, Kodak’s attorneys filed a notice of appeal for the recently-concluded federal case that ended in the 46-month sentence. It reads: “Notice is hereby given that the Defendant, Bill K. Kapri, takes and enters this, his Notice of Appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit to review the Orders, Judgment and Sentence entered on November 13, 2019.” One of Kodak’s lawyers, Fred Haddad, also ordered a transcript of the November 13 sentencing hearing. (Complex)