Florida rapper Kodak Black is really killing social media. The hip-hop newcomer has now deactivated his Twitter page just hours after pulling the plug on Instagram.

Prior to ditching Twitter, Black explained his state of mind in light of backlash he’s received over women comments.

Early Tuesday, Kodak decided to permanently fall back from his Instagram page.

Yesterday, Black exploded over people getting at him over dissing dark-skinned women.

“See, one thing about me dog, you ain’t just gonna be dissing me. You ain’t gonna be dissing me under my comments or none of that sh*t. B*tch, I’ma clap back. H*es. N*ggas. Whatever – I ain’t even gonna play. Don’t even comment on my sh*t, or that f*ck sh*t or whatever talking about – f*ck you! I only like red bones. I love black African Americans but I don’t like black b*tches like this. You know what I’m saying? I like yellow h*es. So that’s my preference. So motherf*ck you! You know what I’m saying? Period! You ain’t gonna be coming under my sh*t and think I ain’t gonna clap back – f*ck that! I’ma comment back!”

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A few hours prior, Kodak defended his preference in liking light-skinned women.