[With his recently released “You Know That” name-dropping banger, rapper KingYc gives SOHH the backstory on singling out Chicago’s Chief Keef and his baby mother.]

These h*es choose. These b*tches choosing. There’s two things I ain’t ever seen before; I ain’t ever seen a UFO and I ain’t ever seen a h*e that won’t go.

With that situation, his b*tch pretty much hit me and she wanted to get money with me. That’s what I do. That’s what I’m known for.

I’m not know for this rap sh*t. I’m known for getting money. So his b*tch hit me up and she wanted to f*ck with me. A month later, this b*tch popped up pregnant.

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I was like, “Got d*mn.” That sh*t happened so fast.

N*gga’s straight Captain Save-A-H*e. No lie, they say the fastest way to save a b*tch is to put a baby in her.

These n*ggas look crazy doing that.

His b*tch can still come back. It’s still all good. I’m all about getting money. My door is always going to be open to her. She’s done had the baby and everything.

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