King Von Says He’s Heartbroken Over Nicki Minaj Working W/ Tekashi 6ix9ine: “I Use To Love Her”

Written By Angie Dare

Chicago rapper King Von isn't looking to collaborate with Nicki Minaj anytime soon. The hip-hop entertainer has called out the Young Money rap star for putting out her new Tekashi 6ix9ine "Trollz" song.

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Von x Minaj

On Friday, King Von went to his Twitter page to diss Nicki. He specifically referenced Nicki’s decision to work with Tekashi following his publicized past cooperation with federal prosecutors in a drug racketeering case.

“Damn and I use to love Nicki Minaj 💔… I kno so many mfs that a do anything to make it. Go against every moral break everycode. Trade on every friend jus for a taste of the fast life. Desperate easily moved a** people. Den get the sh*T and it don’t even be worth all the lost and pain a mf went threw.U chasing dat sh*t” -King Von’s Twitter

King Von passed a diss at Nicki Minaj over working with 6ix9ine

High-Key Details

Last night, Nicki Minaj went to her Instagram Live with Tekashi to address people coming at her with snitch labels. While she said her husband is from the streets and doesn’t deal with snitches, she said it’s different from people in the music biz.

“My husband doesn’t mess with the snitch culture. My husband is like, ‘No, I just can’t f*ck with that,’ – he’s lived a different life. But y’all want to make it rap one minute and street the next minute. Y’all want to talk about people not writing their raps one minute and then do songs with people that don’t write raps the next minute. But if somebody talks about the integrity of hip-hop, then it’s a problem. But y’all can talk about the integrity of the streets and not snitching, well we not on the block. None of you n*ggas are on the block. If these n*ggas are still out there doing what they’re doing and banging – I have to respect it, we all have to respect it, because they play by a different code and not everybody can speak on that.” Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Live

Wait, There’s More

Last night during an Instagram Live session, 6ix9ine didn’t hold back on trying to wreck rap rival Meek Mill for his publicized anti-snitching stance. Tekashi accused him of having a close-knit relationship with a former law enforcement informant at Roc Nation.

“The world is full of hate right now. I’ma show you a lot of things right now. I’ma show you how this rap game is full of liars. I’ma show you how this rap game full of rats. I’ma show you how the rap game really works. The rap game don’t want you to know certain stuff. I’ma expose the rap game right now, ’cause I got facts. ‘The story that spooked Dash revealed how Perez, the wife of longtime Jay Z wingman Juan Perez, became a cooperating witness for the DEA in the 1990s. After her 1994 arrest for possession of 35 kilos of cocaine, Perez struck a deal with the feds, agreeing to wear hidden wires to record her meetings with major cocaine traffickers. Her undercover informant work won her courtroom praise from federal prosecutors after she helped them break up major drug deals in Puerto Rico and Colombia.’ Meek Mill, you can’t pick and choose who you want to call rats. This is public information. Ever since Nicki left you, you are a nobody. Did you forget who you was? I forgot what Drake said, what did Drake say? ‘Was that your tour or your girl’s tour?'” -Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Instagram Live

Before You Go

6ix9ine took things even further by trying to single out Future and Snoop Dogg. Tekashi called out Future for associating with ‘snitches’ and said there’s paperwork proving the Dogg Father secretly cooperated with cops in the 90’s.

“If you chilling with a rat, right, makes you a rat, you sir, Future, Meek, you’re a f*cking rat. Let me play this back to you real quick – Perez struck a deal with the feds agreeing to wear wires.’ … For Snoop Dogg, I’m on you now. Right? For Snoop Dogg, you wanna talk all this rat sh*t. I exposed you already. You hit me up in the DM talking about throw up the white flag, please. You said some straight old head sh*t. Listen, hear me out when I say this, you can’t get mad at me for exposing the truth because for the two years I was locked up, you know what y’all said? Y’all aired me out for the two years, y’all had me, y’all aired me. I’m just replying. Tell me if I’m right or wrong. Wasn’t Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill couldn’t get my d*ck out their mouth the whole time I was locked up?” -Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Instagram

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  1. Cmon she been toxic forever. Started as a stud, now saysshe straight cuz it not fashionable no mo. Blocked all other female rappers from havin success for years. Helped her bro, a ped0. Bf is a ped0, collabs w a snitch ped0. And a million other ish. Not even good at rapping, overrated. Puts way more skill into hair n clothes, surgery n makeup than music. N always has.

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