Chicago rapper King Louie recently spoke on his near-death shooting and explained how rap star Drake’s October’s Very Own owl logo saved his life.

In Louie’s perspective, his owl tattoo played a vital role in keeping him alive.

“The owl saved my life, though. If it had hit me where the owl was, I would’ve died probably. I told Drake that on the ‘gram. Bro, the owl saved my life,” Louie said in an interview. “It was hella owls just popping up [at] every show for an hour — like we’d turn the channel, we kept seeing owls. What the f*ck is this, a sign? [I] Googled, like, ‘what’s the significance of owls?’, and it was just like a bunch of stuff. Like d*mn, the owl saved my life, man. Like foreal, foreal. No bullsh*t.” (Revolt TV)

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A few days ago, the Chicago native revealed the injuries he endured.

They said [the shooter] shot twenty-two times, and I was hit seven times. Three of the slugs are still with me today – two in my chest, one in my head,” Louie said. “I think there’s hope for Chicago. I don’t think I’d be here today if it wasn’t for prayer so I deeply appreciate all the prayers people had made for me, my family, ‘cause they kept me strong and got me through my situation.” (CNN)

Rap star Kanye West sent prayers to KL on Twitter last week.

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Louie posted a picture of himself and Minister Farrakhan on Instagram last week.

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