Vixen Kimbella is holding her man down. The curvy model has come forward to update fans on the status of her husband and Dipset member Juelz Santana.

Big Facts

Recently, Kim went to “The Breakfast Club” to talk about Santana’s new music and his status behind bars. She also said Santana is getting released from jail in the coming months.

“He’s serving his sentence. He is due to be home this summer. So we have some music that we released from him. It’s very important for us to do that because as some people may not know, it has been difficult in the past for Juelz to release music. So now that we have the music – [the songs] are not old at all. I would say about a year old. He was still creating music until the day he left [for jail]. … Right now we have like three different projects on the table … We’re waiting on the [jail release] date but the paperwork has been submitted..” (“The Breakfast Club”)

High-Key Details

Last week, Kim’s. husband put out some much-needed new music. The rap star released his new Free Santana mixtape to the masses.

Wait, There’s More

Over the past few months, pics have surfaced of Santana in jail.

Before You Go

In September 2019, Dipset’s Jim Jones shared some thoughts on Santana remaining behind bars on a gun possession conviction.