Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has no problem losing followers if it gives her some peace of mind. The curvy mother of three has come forward to address the daily hate coming her way over social media posts.

Kim K went to Twitter this week to address haters and fans alike to fall back if they only have negative feedback over the content she puts out.

Last month, Kim’s almost sister-in-law Blac Chyna‘s mom aired her out over going nude for the ‘gram.

“I was like, ‘Why did Kim post her naked a** again?’ Hold up. I don’t give a f*ck. See the cornrows, I’m for it. I’m for the cornrows. Because the b*tch needs some black somewhere for me to understand this sh*t. So them cornrows, b*tch, unrelated. The cornrows are fly as a motherf*cker. … Why pose naked when you got all that motherf**king money? Then, you just had your little baby – why take the shine off shorty? Let shorty get a week. At least a week. Give little shorty a week. You’re naked and everything and I’m like, ‘No, sis,’ ’cause it’s a bad image.”

Reality TV star Tami Roman recently came forward on IG and kept it 100 on her personal issues with Kim K’s nude shots.

“You know it hurts my heart to say this because I love this man. I think he’s so talented. I think he’s a genius. But your black card gets revoked today, Kanye, because it ain’t a black man alive that would let his wife pose for the ‘gram like that unless he’s pimping. Okay. Getting to it. But listen, this ain’t about the Kardashians because I like the Kardashians, you know Khloé’s my favorite Kardashian yes Khloé but um Kim, I just wanna say honor the stage of life you’re in right now. You’re a wife, you’re the mother of three beautiful kids and you’re a business woman. We cannot negate the fact that you have built an empire and maybe you’re just doing what you know how to do, the only thing you know how to do, how you got into the business, but you’re past that now. Okay? And we’re not negating the fact that you have been consistent in building your brand and your family’s empire. So own that, sis, okay, because you don’t need the money. So if you were paid for the posts, you don’t need that, and you’re fine, we already knew that so you didn’t need to see the goodie snacks, and I just think that step on in to this stage here and when you try to do things like this, before you get the cameras and go to the mirror think about what Beyoncé would do and it ain’t that.”

This week, Instagram heavyweights Bria Myles and Deelishis have both weighed-in on Kim’s pics.

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