Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is feeling the Internet’s wrath. The curvy vixen has received some hardcore backlash following a now-deleted tribute social media post.

Kim K went to Instagram this week with an Instagram post about the aftermath of close pal Ariana Grande‘s Manchester suicide bombing attack.

According to reports, handfuls of people went at Kim over her insensitive tribute pic.

“To be honest this tragedy is not about either one of them, people lost their lives at some point it’s just tacky to impose yourself into situations#BadDecision sorry this has nothing to do with you Kim, stay out of it.” “Really you put a picture of you guys smiling and making sure you look good I hardly thinks that shows empathy.” A fellow follower added: “You shouldn’t post a pic laughing and then caption it with truly sad words.” (The Sun)

Various music stars have reacted to this week’s horrific Manchester attack.

A couple nights ago, Ariana shared some words following the deadly attack.