Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is letting fans insider the life of KimYe. The hip-hop wife has revealed Kanye West personally reached out to Team Donald Trump following dicey comments he made about the publicized California fires.

According to Kim, President Trump’s recent tweet about California forestry mismanagement causing the statewide destruction inspired Ye to reach out.

“When he doesn’t agree with something like that fire comment he will screengrab [and] he will send it to the people close to [Trump] and say that maybe there should be a little more empathy in this,” Kardashian West said before her panel with CNN’s Van Jones at Variety and Rolling Stone’s Criminal Justice Reform Summit at the Jeremy West Hollywood hotel. (Variety)

Kim also revealed what last-minute things she grabbed before evacuating their home.

Kardashian West told Variety that with just an hour to evacuate, they grabbed their computers and a hard drive containing digital files of their photo albums and videos as well as “my kids’ blankets, my childhood blanket that my grandma made me, things that you can’t really replace.” “All the other stuff doesn’t really matter,” she added. While evacuation orders have slowly been lifted, Kardashian West said they haven’t returned home just yet. “It’s smoky and my son has a little bit of asthma so it’s not really safe for him to go back,” she explained. (Variety)

A few days ago, the Trumpeter hit up Twitter with his opinion on the forest fires.

Last week, both Kanye and Kim went to Twitter to address the Cali wildfires.