The wait is almost over. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has reminded fans her husband Kanye West‘s new “Brothers” song is just hours away from premiering.

Kim K went to Twitter Tuesday to plug BET’s “Tales” season premiere and remind followers Ye’s latest audio banger will finally get released.

“Tales” executive producer Irv Gotti made sure to salute Kim on the co-sign and announcement.

Last month, Gotti revealed Yeezy came into the picture for his “Tales” banger a couple years ago.

“As you guys know, with ‘Tales,’ I take existing songs and turn them into, like, a movie. When I approached Kanye back in October of 2017, I was like, ‘Yo, I wanna do something special for the culture. I love the hip-hop culture. I’m a huge, like, believer in the hip-hop culture and what it is and I want to do this for the culture.’ I know this sounds cliché-ish but it’s honest. I said, ‘Yo, let’s give them a new song. I’m going to make a two-hour movie to the song and it’ll be the season premiere.’ You know, Kanye rode out with me, man. He was like, ‘That’s a great thing.'” (TMZ)

A few weeks ago, the “Tales” creator lit up Instagram with the huge announcement and also revealed music legend Charlie Wilson is featured on the anthem.