Fashion designer Vanessa Beecroft has dished out details of her business relationship with rap star Kanye West and revealed his wife Kim Kardashian had her removed from his payroll.

According to Beecroft, she views herself as two different people when working on Yeezy fashion projects.

But for the past eight years, a significant percentage of what she has produced has been made in mind-meld with Kanye West. “I have divided my personality,” she says. “There is Vanessa Beecroft as a European white female, and then there is Vanessa Beecroft as Kanye, an African-American male.” Later she tells me, “I even did a DNA test thinking maybe I am black? I actually wasn’t. I was kind of disappointed, and I don’t want to believe it. I want to do it again, because when I work with Africans or African-Americans, I feel that I am autobiographical. If I don’t call myself white, maybe I am not.” (NY Mag)

Beecroft also revealed how Kim K forced Yeezy to limit their working relationship.

But earlier this year, right around the time West was tweeting about his debts, Beecroft was removed from his regular payroll and placed on a project-by-project basis (“It was Kim Kardashian,” she says. “She cut everything out.”) That’s okay, though, she tells me: Now she can recommit herself to her own work. (NY Mag)

Back in February, Kanye announced being over $50 million in personal debt.

Recently, rap star 50 Cent clowned Kanye for getting schooled by Kim K.

This is classic, Kanye for president. LMAO HIPHOP is unbelievably strong.

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