Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and Alice Marie Johnson are finally going to meet face-to-face. New reports claim the hip-hop wife is planning to meet with Johnson after having her life sentence commuted this week by President Donald Trump.

According to reports, Kim will go meet up with Johnson sooner than later.

Sources close to the situation tell us Kim and her team are working to arrange a meeting with Alice that could happen as early as this week. Our sources say Kim will most likely travel to Alice — not vice versa — as the great-grandmother adjusts to life outside of prison. Moments after she got out, Alice told reporters she was thankful and felt as if her life was starting over again. As we reported, Kim visited the White House last week for a meeting with 45 about Alice’s situation and prison reform in general. (TMZ)

This week, Kim Kardashian hit up Twitter to announce Alice’s freedom after serving 22 years behind bars.

A few days ago, Kim and Trump hit up social media to speak on their private prison reform meeting.

Last week, buzz developed about Kim going to meet up with the Trumpster.

Although Kim was a Hillary Clinton supporter, we’re told Trump’s on board with helping since Ivanka supports the cause too … and Kanye’s recent public support of him certainly didn’t hurt. Our sources say Kim will make the trip without KUWTK cameras or her sisters. The 62-year-old great-grandma’s case became national news last year when Kim tweeted about it — she was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1997 on money laundering and drug conspiracy charges … her first offense. (TMZ)