Atlanta rapper Killer Mike knows exactly where Kanye West’s heart is. The hip-hop veteran has co-signed Ye on his frustrations toward the United States’ 13th Amendment.

Last night, Mike went to Instagram to suggest Ye’s true issues with the amendment come from a real intention to end modern day slavery.

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People like @treyzis who been rocking with me and my song #Reagan about #RonaldReagan and the US drug was aka Slavery understand what brother Ye was trying to say. I encourage all to Play the record (My Shit #RapMusic) and watch the documentary 13th (Next Flix). I don’t care what any one wears anymore as I’m an old activist now. That’s not my fight. I care about Public policy and how we can make sure they honor our rights (god given and constitutional). I care that we progress for real and not symbolically. I care about Economics and our community controlling ours in new fields like Marijuana, trades and Tech. Glad y’all missing me with that “what do ya think about” shit. I only wanna talk/walk/be about getting this shit fair for us to compete for real and the 13th amendment needs to be amended to end slavery for real. Your sons (black/worker class/ poor people) are one non violent felony away from being on a USP plantation. Love and Respect to y’all. #KillYourMasters

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Yesterday, Kanye stepped forward to further explain why the 13th Amendment should be changed and not abolished.

Prior to Kanye clarifying his remarks, Marvel Studios’ Chris Evans went off on the rap star.

Writer Yashar Ali publicly tried to make sense out of Kanye’s issues with the 13th Amendment.

Earlier in the day, Kanye talked about his problem with the 13th Amendment.