Atlanta’s Killer Mike has weighed-in on the upcoming presidential election and explained his disinterest in supporting either candidate.

Killer Mike thinks there’s no difference between rival candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“If you’re voting for Trump or Hillary Clinton, you’re voting for the same thing. All of us as citizens need to kind of get over our classism and vote for the betterment of us all,” Mike said in an interview. “[Trump’s] batsh*t crazy, but I don’t think he would call for the assassination of another presidential candidate.” (TMZ)

G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha T has publicly endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in her pursuit to take down Trump this upcoming presidential election.

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I'm totally endorsing democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. My street wear brand @playcloths along with @karencivil 's Marathon Agency has created the “Delete Your Account” T-Shirt with the twitter insignia to support Hillary’s #BetterThanThis campaign –a call to recognize what is at stake with Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee, the importance of voting, and registering others to vote in this election. Proceeds from the shirt will go to Reimagine Justice: A coalition committed to fund prison reform and post incarceration rehabilitation. Also supporting the #BetterThanThis campaign for Hillary Clinton are friends and fellow artists YG and Nipsey Hussle who are encouraging the movement to inspire fans to vote and defeat Donald Trump in the November election. Link to purchase the limited edition "Delete Your Account" T-Shirt is in my bio… EVERYBODY GO OUT AND VOTE!!

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A few weeks ago, rap star T.I. went in on Donald Trump.

“Is that a trick question,” Tip responded when asked if he thought black lives mattered to Donald Trump. “Man, absolutely not. I don’t believe any lives matter to him except the ones that look, act and operate like his.” (TMZ)

Earlier this summer, vixen Amber Rose shut down the idea of Trump winning the presidency in November.

“It is very, very scary. I have faith in America that they won’t put him in office. There’s a lot of people that love him, though. I feel like if our country can vote for President Obama twice, they know better than to vote for Trump. I have faith in my country. The scary part about that is I fear there will be riots if Trump got elected, and that’s scary. I feel there would be massive riots all over because people would not know how to deal with it.” (The Daily Beast)