[With his recently released “F*k Da Fame” still heating up the Internet, G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd talks to SOHH about why it’s vital to pick it up and shares his love for Detroit’s Dej Loaf.]

I’m forever working. Of course I have videos in the stash, I record every day so right now my main focus is to push the Fuk Da Fame album.

There’s a lot of bangers on there and I feel there’s a lot of people still sleeping on me.

It’s people still sleeping so I want to wake them up before I give them the next project. I want to wake them up. Fuk Da Fame is out right now and download it on every website.

I ran into Dej Loaf back at the XXL Freshmen cover and she’s a cool chick. She’s really down to Earth.

She’s just cool.

Just recently she was in New Orleans doing a concert and I went to her show to show her love. I’m all the way down.

If I f*ck with you and you come to my city, I’m going to come through and hold you down.

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