[After recently launching his eye-opening “New Warleans” viral program aimed at delving into New Orleans society, G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd speaks to SOHH about the investigative series.]

I put together the “New Warleans” series to show people that even 10 years later it’s still places in New Orleans that looks like Hurricane Katrina just hit.

There’s still families that haven’t recovered anything from Katrina. There’s still people affected by it like it just happened yesterday. I had to make sure to get that out to the world because we’re still affected by that.

I’m really just trying to get some answers. All of this money people have donated and this-and-that, what the f*ck did it go?

I just wanted to get some answers and let people know there are still folks out there still struggling. Sh*t is still f*cked up.

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