[With his new “F*k Da Fame” release still heating up the Internet, G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd talks to SOHH about his overwhelming amount of freestyles inspired him to take a different approach with the project.]

I can honestly say F*k Da Fame does not relate to my past projects. My last project and the mixtapes I’ve been doing, it’s been mostly freestyles and rapping over songs.

With F*k Da Fame, I wanted to give people all original music. I wanted to give them all original music because a lot of people kind of got caught up with the freestyles especially with me doing Funkmaster Flex.

People are like, “Man, we want to hear some real music.” Of course I wanted to give fans a full body of work of all original content.

The feedback has been great and crazy.

I love it for real, for real.

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