California rapper Kid Ink is mixing politics and banging music together for his new “Tell Somebody” video. Watch the message-driven visual below as Kid Ink relies on his words to

The “Tell Somebody” video, shot in Mexico, follows the journey of a weekend rendezvous between an American man and a Hispanic woman. The opening scene is a broadcast with visuals of the popular Tijuana border with the news anchor announcing the U.S. Border Patrol’s new strategy to catch illegal immigrants from Mexico. The story parallels Romeo and Juliet as the couple engages in numerous romantic dates enjoying the city, beaches and deserts. Kid Ink is seen throughout the video performing the track on an isolated ridge cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean as well as throughout the scenic desert. Glimpses of the border wall construction can be seen throughout the story. The American man must eventually return home to the United States and requests that his lady come back with him. With a look of hopelessness, the woman responds saying that she can not with her reason being that her family is in Mexico and she can not break the law. The video fades out with a written message declaring “Build Bridges Not Walls.”